how much difference does the 51 tooth rear sproket make ?

just wondering how mush diference a 51 tooth rear makes over a 49 how much top end speed do you lose and how much low end do you gain ?

i recently put the 52 on (from a 47) ... i've only ridden on tracks since ... but I love it ... can virtually ride in 3rd gear everywhere ... definitely a loss of top speed, but I don't ride too many fire roads or long desert straights ... so not an issue for me.

I've got a 51 on mine and it feels like i lost 15mph on the top end, i get my butt handed to me on the wide open straight but i love it for bottom end power in the single tracks :devil::thumbsup:

I have the 51 and it is great for the sand and the tracks. On the trails its a little to low for me,the 50 might be better for trails. :thumbsup:

sounds like im getting a fifty tooth then

get the 50,i have tried just about every possible combo on my 426 and the 50 is perfect.i wasnt getting enough distance off jumps with the 51 tooth in 3rd gear,sure the torque was nice but i was still shifting too much,go with the 14/50.i do mainly mx,im also 210lbs,good luck :thumbsup:

Going from a 49 to a 51, the top end loss will be minimal...a few MPH at the most.

i put a 51 on my bike and i love it. I can pull 2nd or 3rd gear out of tight corners and not really have a problem. its great, you don't really feel the top end loss, well i didn't because i haven't been racing tracks that i will have it rapped out in 5th. I say get it right now, you won't be dissapointed. good wheelies to.

I've got the 51 and it seems like I need to shift much more than with the stock gearing. Going back to stock...

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