WR450f '04 dual sport circuit diagram

Some members have asked me to post this diagram again. Look at the cd in the manual for the rest of the circuit. There are many different ways of wiring the bike. I did it this way to minimize wiring and get things like the flasher next to the batt etc. You may want to do it differently.


Here's mine 50638770.jpg

MX Cowboy, anyone

can I use that diagram to wire my stock 98 with a rectifier & battery. I'm thinking of the stator, I have the original which I presume can be substituted for the e-line in your diagram ?

What amp is the fuse ?

What amp battery would I use, and finally, If I wanted to use a large capacitor instead of the battery (I dont need lights when the engine is off), how would I wire that into it.

The main problem I want to overcome is lights dimming at low revs and also a bona fide horn.


Mine was a 15amp fuse.

I bought my battery from baja design.

I wired my own kit so my wiring harness is homemade.

You are probably getting dimming lights because you are not running a battery or capacitor.

I'm not positive but I would think you would install the capcitor where the battery is.

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