Ok whats the loudest exhaust system for the xr 650 r?

I agree there is deffenetly too lowd but, just lowd enough for horse power gian. To lowd and your losing low end but, if someong wants to get his kicks out in the middle of nowhere just to hear lowd...I say let the guy try it. What is he hurting? Some liberal that wants to control everyone to what he wants? It is just to out of control everyone scared of doing to loud, to fast, to high, don't get hurt, got to talk sence into everyone...........come on let the guy try it....he will know soon enough what too loud is. If he rides by your house and you don't like it...knock him off his bike, if you dare. :thumbsup:(just kidding, don't be to serious)My point is fix it yourself. I run an R4 and it is too loud with the spark arrester screan out. I have been asked by a few why I have it in and don't get the little bit more on the top end. The answer I don't like to bottom I lose and it's not worth the extra sound but, it's deffenetly not quite. What I have is way to lowd for the, be nice, got to get along crowd. Bunch of winers :devil:

10-4 rubber duck... I hear ya.

However, the guy who rides by on his Harley (we've got kids on my street) waaaay too fast and has to stab his throttle as he goes by my house... I wish I had air in my Paintball gun. He's such an a-hole. And his bike is seriously... I mean SERIOUSLY loud! So loud is friggin gay loud. I mean.. super HOMO LOUD. SO loud it just says "look at me... I'm a homo!" ~ not that there's anything wrong with it...! ~ :thumbsup:

Time to run him over! Don't need the cop (they could come and clean up the mess though). If I can't make it stop then I guess I live with it. Not to cool on the liberal thinking where you make rule to make him stop and he still doesn't. If I am ever down there maybe two of us can stop him :thumbsup:

Life is not a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving safely in a

pretty and well preserved body, but rather to skid in broadside, thoroughly

used up, totally worn out, and loudly proclaiming ... wow, what a ride!"

author unknown


We run loud pipes here (southwest Texas) for safety reasons, that is, better to be heard before being seen to avoid collisions. There are no forests here, and the human population is very low, so there's no problems with noise pollution.

I used to run a big run race series system, but it was too airy sounding, lost low end grunt, and fell apart/leaked.

Now I run the stock pipes and silencer, but with the tip completely removed, and run a 180 main jet (everything else uncorked of course), and have drilled the airbox for more intake. Works great, plenty loud, but deep, not airy sounding. And best of all the power, especially the low end to midrange, is arm stretching.

P.S. Lightning is bad for everyone, everywhere. It produces EXTREMELY LOUD NOISE which is harmful and annoying and therefore Thunderstorms should be Banned!!, especially from the Forests where it might scare some bunnies or something!! Or even start a fire possibly! Oh my God not that!

And what about all this air pollution I mean please Dear Lord Don't let another VOLCANO erupt and POISON the atmosphere with millions of tons of highly toxic sulfuric gases!!! I mean like OH NO !!!!!!

Get my drift here? Ok good. Now shutup and Ride!!!

And ignore the old lady who built her house on Pismo Beach. She is old and probably can't hear squat anyway.

Oh Boy ! You want LOUD ! Just take your muffler off.I was working on my old XR600 and just for the hell of it i fired it up with just the head pipe on. Now i know what they mean by the old expresion "waking the dead " :thumbsup:

loud pipes save lives :thumbsup: the thunderheader on my bigbore HOMO bike blows 110db :lol::D:lol: - but my pig is at 96db + i run the bd quiet tip 89dbs when dual sporting around houses - after joining CORVA and the BRC - i relize we are only f#cking ourselves by running loud bikes :devil: i am glad that bwb63 is running the R4 :awww: because he gave me his stock exhaust last year after i tacoed mine (thanks bruce) :lol:

have a great day :lol:

Yeah i am so tired of those harley guys going past my place at 2 am, hitting it and setting off car alarms. Super Homo Loud is right.

Same with those a-hole Mexi-gardners who have to mow and then blow blow blow at 106 decibles at 7:30 every freakin Saturday morning. Those blowers should be banned until 10 am on weekends, or they should be electric. Can you imagine what would happen if you started up your 650 in the drive way at 7:30 am with the muffler removed and just sat there revving it for 10 minutes...

I would be willing to bet my left nut theres far more air pollution and noise pollution in So Cal from liberal home owners doing lawn care at 7:30am-9:30 am every Saturday morning than from all off road riders in the area all week long. Throw in the right wing home owners with their lawn mowers...

ANyway-all the forests in California NEED to be burned. The idiot tree huggers have ruined the forests by creating weird park-like environments over rowded with medium sized trees. Nothing natural about that. Forests need to be burned, logged, and they need trails criss crossing all over them.

Go to any African game park. Look at the forests. They all periodically burn, elephants constantly 'log' them- knocking down much of the brush. Game trails crss cross everywhere-creating healthy natural bounderies for everything from ants to tortises to antelope.

If ya read accounts of early explorers in California--it was no different here.

Sadly the environmentalists--half educated do gooders with an urban consciousness--have done far more harm to our public lands than all resouce extraction efforts.

Finally--- we need to BAN all BACKPACKING from wild lands. Nothing is as invasive as 2-3 backpackers pitching a tent in a remote valley. Introducing new ecoli, harrassing the local mega fauna, and blighting the view with an Orange tent. Bikers just cross a remote valley--for like 20 minutes they are harrassing the local bear or deer or rabbit by being there. The backpackers spend 10+ hours in the same valley--potentially throwing off mating rituals, boundaries, and, and introducing new bacteria and parasites into the streams and lakes. Backpakcing is horrible for the environment.

[hey i'm looking for this pipe, the whithe brothers r4 pipe system even if its not the full system, (the slip on with header or not) if you can help me can you please send me some information ( rekohinor @yahoo.com) it's my second xr 650 and i'm missing my r4, its the only exhausth till now that makes me feel good on my xr 650.

i'm looking for the xr 650 white brothers r4 full system or just the slip on


:thumbsup: Man this is an ancient thread.

I haven't seen the thunderchook in ages.

Other dudes who now rideses pumpkinses haven't heard from in a donkeys age.

Bring back Armpump i say..

And Mike Kay has at last call been seen at the Husky Cafe site extolling the virtues of the big Huckies..

I like loud pipes BTW.:p

staintune full system, no baffle.

damn loud.

I use the baffle all the time now, the open pipe sounds nice but its just draws far too much attention.

i ride trails im not meant to,so the less attention the better

the loudest exhaust for the xr650 is a straight pipe

This is the dumbest question I've ever seen.

Thanks for getting my forest shut down, that's just great.

I hope it is because you are trying to stay away for the loudest pipe.:thumbsup:

Please, please, please don't be "that" guy.

Pro Circuit T4 is very loud, but in a healthy tone.

I have to agree with the "liberal whiners" though, loud bike riding recklessly are what piss people off, those people tell the city council, who then tells the state and so on...

I have a T4 on my Suzuki 350, and it's too loud (registered at 103db @ 25 feet at a stereo shop).

just put a two brothers on my xrr have yet to see what it blows..

i think it may be a little louder than stock fully uncorked no spark arrestor

sounds alot better though

and why are we digging up this thread?

rekohinor, this is "thread mining". Something this old needs to be let lie.

Start a new thread with your question. If you need help with that, let me know.

We can start a new thread with your original post.

If you want loud, just take off the muffler and attach to the header a big cone like those old wind up phonograph record players used to use for a speaker :thumbsup:

lolololol Nice thought:thumbsup:

I know I've only done a few posts at TT, but I belong to others and have read a lot of posts, and written a good number as well.

This is the dumbest question I've ever seen.

Thanks for getting my forest shut down, that's just great.

It's "Our forest"

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