34-40 miles then switch to reserve!

I'm only getting about 34-40 miles out of a tank of fuel. I am doing some hill climbs, 2-3 not many, most of the other miles are on trails with the boys. easy going, little guy on an 80.

I'm asking because I want to do a ride from LA to Las Vegas with a buddy and his friends, but hell, as far as I can get on a tank of gas, I don't think I could carry enough.

any suggestions. This will be my first trip of that kind. my buddy has been doing mexico and I am thinking about that as well,

I hope switching back to the stock sprockets with make a big difference


I have the stock tank, and usually hit reserve at 50 miles. I figure on about 12 miles after that, then I push the bike :thumbsup:

Get a bigger fuel tank or quit twisting your wrist so much :thumbsup:

IMS Products 4.6 gallon tank. Good for about 140 miles in baja. They also make a 7.2 gallon tank for Rallies. Might be your ticket for a long road trip.

The way it would go for me is only a little different. I get 50 to reserve. Most likely 10 to 12 on reserve then push the bike for approx. 1 then life fight to the nearest trama center assuming my buddies bother with CPR on the trail :thumbsup:

going back to stock sprockets will help assuming you've gone to like a 14/51 for trail riding. If your going to do a ride to vegas or do a mexico ride, strap on a bigger tank, either a clarke 4.3 or an IMS 4.6 and run 15/48 sprockets. You should get closer to 120 miles out of a tank that way.

Im running 14 51 sprockets. Im not dual sported but get around 22 miles per gallon in the tight woods and 31 miles per gallon in desert conditions. In the desert I use my IMS 4.6 gallon tank which gives me over a 130 mile range. :thumbsup:

I have a L with 14/45 sprockets and a Clarke 4.7 have gone as far as 180 and not into reserve yet, but then I don't hammer it either, have gotten as high as 52mpg with it.

34 miles doesn't sound good at all. While racing in the desert I've been getting right around 40 miles before reserve. I just recently put an IMS 3.2 gallon tank. The 4.6 is really big and cumbersome, but so is the XR650!!!!

Thats weird... I have a stock tank and I have yet to hit reserve. I have had rides of 60 miles plus. And still think I have a have a tank left lol I ride the bfp hard too . Wish they had a softer seat.

Are you still running the stock carb?

Before I switched to a Edelbrock, I'd have to flip to reserve after 35 miles or so. Found the problem to be fuel pouring out the overflow tube whenever the bike wasn't completely vertical. Since the carb swap, no more prob..

You can lower your float height a couple of mm, but that also leans out the low end jetting a tad, back to fiddling with the fuel screw and pilot.

Do those with poor gas mileage run a Dynojet jet kit or Keihin jets?

I just received my keihin jets and have yet to install them but in the interim, fuel effeciency (and performance) has been, well, poor. I've filled the tank twice in about 80 miles. We'll see how this changes with the 158/55s.

I am using the stock carb, and I will be getting a larger tank for the longer trips. thanks for the info guys.

You got to be red lining your bike or your jetting is way off. I get about 35 mpg and have a 4.6 tank. I can get anywhere from 150-175 on one tank. Thats riding open desert and jetted at 168 with stock gearing. You might want to check and see if your carb is spitting gas out the overflow tube.

Yeah, something seems wrong to me.

I'm running uncorked with stock carb & gearing and have gone about 60-70 miles on a tank of gas out in the desert.

I run the clark 4.3 and now no more gas worries.

You might want to check and see if your carb is spitting gas out the overflow tube.

I have seen fuel flowing out of my carb tube when stopped and the bike leaning to the side.

You might want to check and see if your carb is spitting gas out the overflow tube.

I have seen fuel flowing out of my carb tube when stopped and the bike leaning to the side.

This is a quite common problem. They often come from the factory with the float set too high allowing too much fuel in the bowl. Lower the float 2mm (maybe a little more) and the problem will go away.

The mileage with the Dynojet kit has been calculated as follows: in 155 miles, the tank was filled twice (3.6gal), so that comes out to 43.06 MPG. I'm now trying to burn off a tank (read, primary) using the Keihin 158/55s and will post the results in a few days.

And the results are in...

XR650L Dynojet 165: 77.5mi/1.81gal = 42.82 MPG

Dynojet overall performance: Marginal

XR650L Keihin 158: 67.1mi/1.83gal = 36.67 MPG

Keihin overall performance: Exceptional

I have heard reports of 50 mpg from the xr650l. But after instillinig Kehein 55 pilot, 158 main (along with the rest of dave's mods) I get 40 mpg pretty consistently. I have the 14 tooth front sprocket and 45 rear sprocket so may be able to improve highway mileage by reinstalling the 15 tooth front.

I thought there may be a problem but sounds like my mileage is right in line with some other XRL riders. I do weigh about 260 lbs with all gear and backpack on.

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