34-40 miles then switch to reserve!

I am assuming you have an L model.

First, if you have fuel flowing out of the carb when stopped, you have fuel flowing out when not stopped. L carbs floats are not adjustable. I know it's odd but take my word. You need a new fuel valve. The little part that actually shuts off the fuel that connects to the float. Either that or you need to take off the float bowl and clean the valve to make sure there's nothing in it causing it to not seat properly.

There is no reason you shouldn't be getting close to 50 mpg with a stock carb.

If you fix the shut off valve and your mpg doesn't improve, let me know and I'll give you further instructions.

That is all. At ease.

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My post above sounds smug because I had the same issue with crap fuel economy when I got my XRL. It is fixed now. With my 4.7 gallon tank I have a theoretical range of 250 miles. I have gone over 180 miles and not hit reserve on a hard day of riding. I bought the bigger tank before I fixed it. Now the extra range is just a bonus.


Oh Jesus. I replied to a zombie post.

Shoot me now.

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