What gear to hit it in?? Saddleback, CA

This is a question for the Southern California guys who ride Saddleback!!

You know the biggest jump at Saddleback? It's the one where you have a choice to go either right or left. If you go right you hit a little kicker and then a nice table top. If you go left you hit the monster of a jump. I see alot of guys doing it but haven't been able to catch up to them and find out what gear they are hitting it in. Do any of you guys do it or know what gear to hit it in. Thats the only jump I can't do there because I don't have the hair yet. If I knew what gear to hit it in I would be more confident. Thanks

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Scott thats a hundred and ten feet from ramp to ramp, with a serious penalty for coming up short. That said, a guy told me fourth pinned. Im not even gonna try it. I was clearing bombers leap, the hill jump after the one you talk of, but they changed the face and top, and I cant seem to get the drive up the hill to clear it. I spin the tire all the way up the hill, then bounce off the back edge of the thing and go flying down the other side all sideways, filling my shorts with unmentionable debris. I did that twice before I just said screw it and rolled it from then out.

I know two guys that have looped out on that jump. Neither walked away.. :)

I almost tried that 100' double table jump the last time I was there, but my ribs were still sore, so I just did that nice little double next to it.

I noticed the takeoff ramp was too abrupt for that jump. The guys who were doing it had to momentarily pause on the approach, then gas it hard to keep from getting kicked. It would be a lot safer if they made the ramp longer.

If I try it after I heal up, I will do the little double before it in third, shift to fourth and hit it hard!

Shawn, try that big tabletop from the outside berm. It is much easier to clear. :)

The guys I saw clearing that were loading the face of the jump to keep from getting the backend kicked up. The height they were getting is enough to make me double it, instead of just launching. Ive tried the outside of the berm and cutting accross and getting a decent drive off to drive up the face of bombers but they made it so long up there, it scared the living shheeett out me. Not too long, just too freakin high :)

Hey guys thanks for all your input. I could see how that jump would want to throw the back end up. I don't know if my suspension would soak it up. Shawn Mc....On the big up hill jump I don't see how your coming up short. I usually hit it in mid third and clear it by ten feet or so. Just make sure that it isn't wet and right before you hit the jump compress your suspension so it will spring you over it. I usually hit it sitting down. Good luck and be safe..OUT

I was there a couple of weeks ago and some kid on a kx65 was clearing the 110'. It was pretty scary looking. He would hit the little step up before the straight and pin it in the air and not let off until he was soraring 110'. BIB HUEVOS!!

Kids are crazy. I am 24 so many call me a kid but a kid on a 65?!?!?! We have a place called Freelin MX here that has a 115' double and a kid did it on a KTM65. Just crazy.

We have some of the looney kids on 65's at the local track too, no respect for body parts in those kids. :)

Question for all of you. We have some long table top jobs that look decently safe to overshoot (no obsticles, a little room to slow before the next corner), but it looks to be somewhere near the 100' mark and last time I overshot a big table top the forks went clank and it really hurt my wrists. I'm only 160# so I think it's probably more my style than the bike. I do tend to come down perfectly flat or front wheel first. Do you all purposefully land rear first when you overshoot?

Sirthump, if i overshoot something, I try to nail the gas just before I hit, if Ive got room, to easy the front coming down so hard. But it seems that if you land flat on to the flat the impact seems heavier than if you landed rear wheel first on the flat. Now my disclaimer, I rarley over jump things, not that im good, just chicken. :)

i over jumped a 32 foot double once by about 14 feet and landed in the flat....what i did was keeped it constant rev in the air and right before i hit i held on so tight to the bars and everything else because i really didnt feel like hitting the ground twice on the same jump and gave it a good hard blip as i landed. came out alive it was pretty scary :)

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