How to ajust valves on YZ426F

My bike is an 01' and I am the second owner. I recently experienced a slight bottom end lug after running leaded fuel (should help valves seat better) and some trouble getting it started. I cleaned my air filter and that lug disapeared, but today when I went ot start it I had trouble with and without the choke on. Finally I tried the hot start even though the bike was cold as could be and it fired right up. I figure it's time for the valves to be ajusted no matter what.

Can any one tell me exactly how to ajust my valves or would I just be better off paying my local race shop $90 to do it ?


i think i am nearing the same point on my 400 and im trying to decide if i want to do it myself or pay someone but go to garrett's site he's got pretty detailed instructions on doing valves

Great site!!!! Really shows just how easy everything is to do yourself.

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