Trick dual sport

I bought the trick dual sport kit but seem to have either lost the directions or none were in the box. Is there another alternative to the endurance speedo? seems complicated especially with drilling the caliper. thank you

Use a GPS instead.

I had one of those Trailtech's on my bike and wasn't impressed with the backlight and certian other functions on it. I didn't like the idea of having to take my hands off the bars while riding at night to press the button that activates the backlight. And then it would only stay lit for about 4 seconds :thumbsup:. A few people have also complained about water causing problems with the Trailtech computer thingys. The only upside I had noticed about the Trailtech's is they weigh next to nothing.

I can't speak for other brands of GPS's but my Garmin GPS 3+ has sat outside through torrential downpours without any problems. The only problems I have heard about the GPS's is that the batteries sometimes vibrate enough to seperate and cause the GPS to shut off while riding. The Trick Dual Sport kit control box has a GPS power lead so this won't be an issue for you if you use it. That's the way I run mine and have never had it shut off on me since connecting it to the kit's power lead. There are a quite a few good mounts for GPS's that will allow you to mount it however you want. A decent small GPS will cost around $80 and prices go up from there depending what features you want.

Contact Dale at Trick Dual Sport. He can hook you up with any directions you need. He can be reached:

By email:

By phone: 661-268-1094

By fax: 661-268-1095

By snail mail:

Angel Scientific Products, Inc.

33125 Big Springs Road

Acton, CA 93510

Or PM him here on TT:

His Screen name is "Trick Dual Sport"

Mine is an older version of the Trick kit and I don't belive my wiring diagram will be exactly the same as yours.

Good luck with it.

drilling the caliper is a pc of cake. You can also use 3M mounting tape and not drill. :thumbsup:

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