Missing o ring

I was changing my oil yesterday and noticed that I lost the o ring that goes behind the hex bolt on the oil filter cover. What do you think? Is it ok to ride?

I went looking for a replacement and couldnt find one. Does anyone know the dimensions?

I would not ride it. It will leak for sure. Get a new one.

Check the local hardware store, else check the local dealer. Hopefully someone will have something the same size in stock. I would be $1 that without an o-ring you're going to have a leak, personally I wouldn't ride it.

I wouldn't chance it, like was said above you should be able to find one to get you by.

I think I was missing the O-ring to the left of that one for a an oil change or two and it did not leak..but then again it wasn't the one directly behind the bolt.

You may have a hard time finding that o-ring at your local hardware/automotive store.....try a hydraulic supply house locally.

like you, i lost an o-ring, i went to the biggest and best plumbing store around, they had a large selection of o-rings, i just guessed the size, and took like 5 sizes each way, to be sure. cost a buck, three of the ones i got would work fine.

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