Lights on a 426

Im going to race in my first race on July 3rd, its going to be a night race, and does anyone know how hard it would be to install two good high powered lights (PIAA, Hella) on a 426 any input, links, how-to, will be greatly appreciated

You are going to need to buy a E-lne stator to start off. and then it's not all that hard.

Call Baja Design they have everything you need.

Baja Designs would be the first place to look, you can also try Ricky Stator. If I remember correctly they sold a kit that had an E-Line stator and dual headlight set-up all wired with the proper connections.

If you buy it new expect to spend around $1000.00.

that's pocket change for him

Not the same thing....but look at this street legal 450!


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