New toy!

Just added a '00 to the stable.

Need some info, read the FAQ but these are still questions.

Does anyone use a standard master link and what is your experience? I am in central Alabama and have no desire to push this beast because of a clip coming off. The bike has 13/52 gearing and the front looks real tight around the countershaft sproket...was thinking about 14/52 instead...thoughts.

The bike has racetech springs front .49g and rear 11.0, I weight 220 plus 10 for gear, any thoughts? Have ridden, and have raced, but not for quite a few years

Called Barnums, got the Honda the only place to get the HRC exhaust tip?

Greasing the front steering bearings today and am checking all bolts! The foot peg was OK but the kickstarter was way loose!

Great group!



'00 TTR-125 motard

'02 DL-1000 V-Strom

'00 XR-650R NEW TOY!

The bike appears to be sprung perfectly for you. Get your sag set at 100 and you'll be good to go. Baja designs has the HRC tip for 55 bucks. I kicked myself in the rear for spending 140 on mine. Yeah I got it from Honda.. :thumbsup:

hey TwoRs,

i see the v-strom listed in your sig.

how do you like your v-strom?

man, i drool over that bike. i so wish honda made a bike in that segment.

is that v-strom hands down the best all around, most fun to ride, street bike you've ever owned?

seems like such a great bike!

Thought the reply I sent earlier posted but don't see it.

Yes the V-Strom is great but not a dirt bike! Way to much plastic.

If you want something to go play with the sport bikes, go to Alaska or just down to the store..its great! Throw in a a fire road on occasion if you like.

I've also wondered about the masterlink deal, never had a problem with my old 600R


Honda does make a bike that's similar to that. It's called

the Veradero. If you do a google look up on 'XL1000V' you'll see a lot of pictures. Sadly, they're not available

in the U.S. I was really trying to get one, but I am looking at the KTM 950 adventure now.

Hope we will see more manufactures offer bikes like the V-Strom in the US...Europe sells all they can get.

Would love to see Honda offer an updated version of the Valdero here, the current version is heavy, under powered and has horrible fuel mileage for a street ride. How about a RC-51 motor in something like the V-Strom :thumbsup:

The current BMW is way cool but you could buy two bikes for the price they are wanting for one and I am not much on beta testing!


very cool. i was not aware of this bike. i knew of the aftrica twin and would love to own one, but i was totally unaware of the veradero.

the bike i want honda to build (for street) would be like a v-strom but closer to a "holigan" or "street fighter," bike.

basically a lot of ccs, neutral rider position, light flickable weight, long range potential, but still something you could get into trouble with around town.

If you want to save a few bucks, and are somewhat handy (which if you own a BRP, you probably are), you can easily modify the stock exhaust tip. Just drill several 1/8 inch holes in the area to be cut out. I made a crude wooden holder for the tip to hold it while doing this. Then punch the center out, and dremel it smooth on the inside. Mine looks stock, and only cost a couple of drill bits I broke. Total cost about a buck!

Gary :thumbsup:

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