tech-8 cleanin'

how can i get my black tech-8's to look decent again? powerwashing them after a clay bath made them look dirty and faded once they dried. what would any of you recommend for boot cleaning to make them look somewhat shiny again?

thanks :)

The best I've found for the bike and gear is Simple Green. If it get's out this red clay from Pa, it should help your boots.


How 'bout some boot shine? :):D

Works on other shoes.

...and a lil scrubbin :)

alpinestar makes a colored protectant that you rub on like regular shoe polish. Then again since your boots are already black use ordinary Kiwi shoe polish, but don't use it too often or your boots will really shine. :)

Originally posted by Dirt dont Hurt:

Simple Green. Works as good on boots as it does on everything else. I'm thinking about trying it on my dog.


Let me know how it works on your dog

I use Simple Green on my Tech-8s, too

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