2000 YZ426 and values!

OK...shoot me a price, as to what you think my 2000 426 is worth. I have someone kind of lined up to buy it...but, if it falls through. Here is what it has:

-Renthal Button bend bars w/ spare MC bend

-Race Tech II Gold Valves front and rear

-.49/6.0 and stock springs

-cylinder, piston, rings, wristpin and bearing replaced 4 months ago

-BK mod is done, I have extra jets and needles

-fresh CB key

-braided steel front brake line

-Uni air filter

-Hinson clutch basket

-Ceet "Gripper" black seat cover

-oil and filter change every two rides

-no bent parts, i.e., radiators, subframe never bent, etc.

-starts first kick hot or cold! (do the drill)

I never thought any of the extra stuff mattered, so my price will probably be low...

I've got a new motor in my '00, decent tires, chain, Renthals, new seat and will be asking $3,500 (prob. take 3) when I'm ready to sell it next month.

You may be able to start @ $4,000 in your market but around here that would be too much.

Hope this helps.

uh oh...making room for the 450 huh? I know that feeling. I am trying to sell my Dad's 98' XR400 if you guys know anyone interested in a clean bike the link/info is on my site.

I would ask $4200 and dont take much less than 4k...the market down here is real good for 426's so you should sell it quickly. Good Luck,


With the upgrades to your machine, I would also think that the $4,000 neighborhood is accurate. What you would be willing to accept is up to you.

Kelly Blue Book says the retail "What A Dealer Would Sell It For" is 4260

http://www.kbb.com/kb/ki.dll/kw.kc.mr?kbb.CA;420264&95023;rc;r&154&2000;Yamah a;YZ426F;41426;14095

The Trade In Value is 2925 Ouch "What a dealer would give you.

http://www.kbb.com/kb/ki.dll/kw.kc.mr?kbb.CA;249222&95023;rc;t&29&2000;Yamaha; YZ426F;41426;12760

I figure it this way, I paid 4500 for mine in Jan 2002, the guy had 3 solid rides aprox guess 20 hrs or less on the motor. I have about 500 in it tires, chain, crap like that, I have gotten at least 1k of fun out of it.

If I were to sell mine I would be asking 4500, would not take less then 3800, its in great shape have all receipts and well maintained. Thats if I were to sell it today which I am not, well unless soemone offers and its green. Well Thats me and I am a tight wad.

Oh ya and I have one documented on Video Blupper.


Ego Fall Down

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EGO knows this, I just bought mine on Sunday for a 2002 TTR125L + $900, so I think it works out to be worth about $3000, which may be because the market is fairly poor up here. I think a lot of people are holding out for the 450, so they don't want the 426, but just my opinion.


You reamed that deal good, thats one of those, Hey does he have a brother who wants a bike deal :)

Hey, the guy I was buying it from was riding a new CRF, so maybe you could get a good deal from him when he upgrades back to the YZF :) !

I will take 3500.00 firm....no less.... :)

Go to kbb.com

go under motorcycle and they will give you your trade in and retail value of your bike. You will probably end up being right between those 2 numbers, good luck.

Did I not post that link Retail and Trade in on my foist post, Sorry its the Joyzy comin out

Along wit da Picta's o me beautiful Stead :)

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I got 3500$ for a 1999 yz400f yesterday


Blue Book is a joke nowadays.. Dealers use the NADA guide, and pay well below wholesale for trades. Pop open the local Cycle Trader, and you'll see what they're going for in your area.

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