Flywheel Weight 10oz or 12oz ?

I ride mostly XC and the stalls really kill my lap times. It's time for some Heavy Metal, but how many OZ's. I’ll still hit the MX track and would like to keep enough zip to hang w/the pack. Is there a noticeable difference in 2oz’s? {YZ426)

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I used to run a 14oz weight and it worked very well for the woods riding that I usually do, but it still had enough snap for the track. Just doesn't rev out quite as fast. I now am running a wr flywhell and stator to run my lights and dual sport kit. I have the stock flywheel with the weight installed on it and the spacer kit that came with it (zip-ty weight and kit), I will sell it for $150 plus the cost of shipping.


I'm very moto oriented but I ride north Michigan trails a few times a year and I've found that a ten ouncer was enough for me. Being that you're more trail oriented i would probably go 12 ounces just for that little bit more stall insurance.

I have the ZipTy 12oz, it works good for moto or trails. We rode Cooperland recently and I would've liked to have taken it off for that loamy/sandy soil but any other terrain it keeps the bike running and works great in the woods.

Dansgarage, I'm leaning towards the 12oz but after more research if I decide to go with the 14oz I'll give you a ring. Thanks for all the replies.

You might just try learning how to ride that beast again after that knee surgery. Oh, I forgot, you're rolling in the dough.....

I've been known to roll in some strange stuff before, don't know if I've tried that dough stuff yet.

Don't worry about me learning to remount the beast, just worry when we're on the line together and the flag drops.

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