Stator Pickup???

Hello All I have my bike back from the dealer but its not fixed (they were nice about it but another story) Anyway I am looking to see if the pickup with the stator is not functioning to par. Anyone know any ideas to try? I was thinking checking ohms when its supposed to be in position but I didn't know if there was a particular distance it needed to be away from the stator? Any help appreciated.



I had a problem with my DRZ and had to trouble shoot the stator pick up. I used an O-scope on the input to the ign coil. With the bike running I could see the input pulses to the coil. As the RPM went up I adjusted the scope until I could see about 6 pulses at about 4000 RPM. In my case the bike would cut out and I could see ign pulses drop out when the bike sputtered. This problem drove me nuts thinking I broke a valve spring or worse.

If I think about it I will scope my bike and see what it should look like. :thumbsup:

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