New Guy - Thanks for the advice!

Good day! I went out for the second time with my 2000 426 and had a much more productive ride. The starting advice EGO and others gave was very much appreciated, and worked every time. No, I didn't need to blip the throttle for the first start, just turn the gas on, pull the choke, find the spot, and kick. Nothing to it. I spilled a couple times, and only once did I actually need the hot start pulled. Thanks! Now I can try to learn how to ride this thing! :)

Well at least you have this to think about, this is the easiest to ride purpose built motocross bike ever built by Yamaha. Now go have fun.

Originally posted by JJwinston:

, find the spot, and kick.

Know if only the G spot was as easy to find? hehehe


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