Porterville, CA......

Goin to visit my Bro in a few weeks and he's taken me to Porterville, some track in central california, he raves about this track, Who's been there ?? How is it, good, bad or ugly ???? Anyone else go there on a regular basis, if so ill be there in August, I cant wait to see what real dirt looks like ............

Anything will beat the Bisquik ive been ridin in lately. :)

Depends on what you're looking for. It's a practice-only track, so everyone gets along well. It's very wide, flowing, and forgiving. It is definately not a technical track. There's a large mix of riders, from pro's to kids on 85's. It's very laid back; there's no set motos. Everyone can ride whenever they want from open to close. Most all of the jumps are tabletops (from 10' to 60') with smooth, easy, forgiving jump faces. It's usually busy, but it never gets too crowded. My buddies and I like it and go there often because we have so few choices here in central California. Many turns are flat with loose dirt. There are always overwatered areas that develop good ruts and other areas that are loose, powdery, dry dirt. If you are looking for a place to ride where you can have fun, you'll enjoy it. You can also check out this site - CLICK HERE

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Thanks man, it looks and sounds like a good time, specially for a novice rider. Great link.

Cant wait to test it out :)

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