Best Stator??

Who has the best, Bulletproof stator? I see Ricky has 200 w for $150. Is Baja Designs any better? I see some of you have 250w? Who makes these?



I think BD has 2 out put stators, 100 watts each for a total of 200. The Ricky Stator is 200 watt single out put. The Baja Designs works well with twin race lights, one out put for each.

I have a ricky stator for my xr600 and love it. Excellent quality. I have two 100 watt lighting coils so the 650 model should have the same. Ricky stator has the best customer service you could ask for. I'm pretty sure they make the stators for baja designs too.

Well if you have read my previous post about needing urgent help you know that I was having electrical problems and I did end up ordering a Stator from ricky stator and it will get here tomorrow!

This is what I found out from them....Their stator is $150 and doesn't require you to send one to be rewound...they advertise 200W but said its actually higher but 200 was a round number what they post to be sure. They have two forms one with 2 outputs of 100W or 1 output of 200W. and that if you did get the 1 output of 200W would recommend their higher tolerance A/C regulator for $19 that could handle >225W. The sales lady transfered me to a tech and he was very helpful and knowledgeable so I recommend them. I didn't check on Bajadesigns b/c internet was down and dealing with dial-up I found Rickystator first and BD site kept freezing up on me.

I'm thinking about selling the the brand-new 200W single output stator and higher AC/regulator that ends up I don't need if someone is interested and wants one for what its worth minus the cost I'd pay to return it.

Ya'll be good.


For the XR650R Baja Designs is 250 watt dual output stator and it comes with a lifetime warrantee. How ya gonna beat that?

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