Need rear brake caliper

I need a rear brake caliper assembly for my '99 WR400F. I cooked all of the seals on mine and I'm not sure how to rebuild it so I want to replace the whole thing. All of the stores that I've talked to said it would be 7-12 business days to order and run be $225.00. Does anyone know where I can get one sooner or cheaper??

Please help. The bike has been down for repairs now for 3 weeks and I have already missed one riding trip. I really don't want to miss another one.


if u cant do it yourself, get some1 to rebuild it for you. Strip it and bead blast the inside of the housing paying careful attention to where the seals seat. Give it a good clean (kero then petrol) then install a seal kit using rubber grease(piston kit if required) .Fixed in an hour for a fraction of the price.

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