1st gear still too fast on 02 YZ426

I did do a search on this before the flaming starts. I am abusing my clutch in tight woods. I have already dropped one tooth up front, and I'm considering a new flywheel as the other posts have suggested. Will this kill the the midrange hit that I love? Is it better to get a whole new flywheel or add weights? Where should I go to find these.

I have been to www.stealthy.com

What other sights?

Thank in advnace for the help.

There should be no flaming on this post....but, you never know. You might also consider adding a tooth or two to the rear sprocket. If I'm not mistaken, once you try to add more than two teeth to the rear, you begin to encounter interference with the chain guide. I can't say for sure because I run stock gearing, but that is what I have read from those who HAVE upped the rear.

Maybe check to see if the 1st gear parts from a WR will fit in the YZF and find out how much they are from the dealer. If you ride woods a lot it may be worth the cost.

Ummmm, if your first gear is too tall for tight woods, you need to go down a tooth in front, not up.

Dodger :):D

My bad, I cannot seem to read very well.......I see you in fact dropped one up front........Sorry!

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If your thinking about a heavier flywheel consider this.

I bought a wr flywheel and stator assy from electrex for $300. This is reworked to work with the yz's cdi. It has 130 watts of power for lighting. I really diddn't notice much of a difference with the heavier flywheel as far as throttle response goes. I did notice a big difference in the tight woods. I love it.

I also have went down 1 tooth on the front sprocket.

I dont know how much aftermarket kits cost. probably cheeper than what I did. But the $300 gets you lights, which is just one short step away from street legal.

In retrospect though. If all I did was tight single track ridding. I would probably want even more weight than what the wr setup has. I dont know how much heavier the wr is than stock. But I think that some of the aftermarket kits offer heaver than wr weights.

My setup is a good allaround setup. I like it.

You can go up two teeth on the back, I did, it works great, but I ride moto, so different story. Tell ya what though, with 12-51 gearing, you ought put a trialer hitch on that thing and go pull out trees just for fun. It seems to me that first gear with 12-51 gearing would be useless. The slightest crack of the throttle is going to spin the tire no matter what surface your on. If ya go with the lower gearing, go with the heavier flywheel too, maybe it will make it more controlable in low gear.

Thanks for the replies

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