annihilating rear tires like crazy

I have been running michelin rear tires now for the last 3 monthes. I normally run an m12 but the last time I ran an s12, big mistake. Im not sure why though, because I ride on soft terrain. the m12 holds up alright but the s12 peeled of in maybe 5 good rides. can anyone suggest a good tire for these monster yz450s? Thanks :thumbsup:

The unfortunate aspect of soft tires is they wear fast. 5 rides if you riding hard is about right. s12, 756 are about the same. I had used a MH2 that hardly even looked used. I just did not like it much so I went back to the Dunlop 756

Try the Kenda Millville :thumbsup:

I got 5 motos and 12 days of hill climbing out of it.

I have a Kenda and really like it. I hve had it for a while and it is just now starting to chunk off lugs. I will get another Kenda if I get the chance.

If you like the Michelin try the starcross it has held up as long as the m12' for me and has a larger footprint as well


Kenda Unadilla lasted forever ... i only changed it because it just didn't feel right running the same tire for so long :thumbsup:. Dunlop 756 wears in 4 or 5 "good" track rides. I probably had a good 10 - 15 on my Kenda Unadilla (same tracks).

Go with Michelin Starcross hard compound. Plenty of traction (just roll the throttle) and lasts forever. I added 92db end cap, power now, disconnected TPS, and although it feels slower, bike is so smooth, power so linear and easy to ride, I can't bring myself to tune the "hit" back into it. Has significant impact on suspension and handling, as the bike doesn't want to twist on you, and rear does not compress and bounce so much out of the corners. Feels like the motor is electric. My buddy with Honda 450 swears he feels much faster on my Blue Bike.

Good luck.

The MH2 will chunk if you ride it off road. I have been using the MS2 with good results, good traction and good wear.


Starcross MH2 & MS2 are much better than the M12/S12's

Maxxis IT. Has held up great for me. Hooks up, durable, cheap. What else could you ask for.

Flog :thumbsup:

I second the Kenda Unadilla :thumbsup:

Ditto the Maxxis IT. Works in a wide range of soils. Used to shred a Dunlop 739AT 120/100-18 in three good rides on my CR500. Tried a Maxxis and found it lasted 3-4 times as long, and bites better to begin with.

On my 450, it goes about twice as far or more as does a 756.

I'll put a third vote on the Maxxis IT rear :thumbsup:

Chock another vote up for ITs...great tires, grip just as well as 756s but will last MANY times over...and their cheaper too.

Another vote for a Maxxis IT.

Last long, work great through entire life, and they are dirt cheap!

A Michelin S12 is a soft terrain tire, which also means the compound is stiffer, so there is little flex - the knobs just rip off instead of giving on any harder terrain.

when i first got my bike i put a bridgestone m26 on the rear was gone in a months time but i liked the grip in the mud so i bought another..lasted about a month so on ...6 bridgestone's later i tried the dunlop 739g for thumpers ..lasted all ,an play'en.. it didn't hook up as well(thats why i have a thumper to catch up an pass later if but for how long it lasted i'll give up a little traction

i just put a maxxis IT on my 426. Seems pretty good so far. I had a VeeRubber on there previously, and it was awesome. Excellent value for money :thumbsup:

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