Cold starting

Probably a dumb newbie question, but I searched and couldn't find nothing. What's the best cold starting procedure (stock carb)? I understand you're supposed to kick it a bunch of times with the comp release, then find TDC, go an inch or so past, and then one slow kick. What I'm not sure about is this.....when you're kicking through wtih the comp release on, should I be pushing the kill switch button, and should I have the throttle on at all? Thanks.

No throttle ever!!! and keep your kill switch held down while kicking thru with the decomp lever open.

not necessary to press the kill button, and kick it hard after releasing the decomp lever.

and then one slow kick.

You're kidding, right? When mines cold it's, choke on, 3 kicks with de-comp lever pulled in, then just after TDC one BIG kick! Starts better cold then warm...

I dont have the flap on choke plate,8-10 strkes with decomp. lever pulled then tdc and first kick every time.always starts right up rest of day with one kick!! :thumbsup:

SLOW kick to start it ? That is totally bass ackwards :thumbsup: There are different techniques to start, most of them pretty much the same, no throttle, but the one universial thing is when you go for the start, give it a BIG, STRONG, FAST kick !!! :devil:

Don't know about you guys but after I installed a 68s pilot as opposed to the stock 68 mine starts like a champ. It used to be a real hard starter when cold and the new pilot made a world of difference.

As for procedures go...I run through 8-10 kicks with the decompression engaged and crack the throttle about a 1/4. Fires it up every time. Priming it with the throttle works for me. :thumbsup:

The slow kick works for me hot or cold.


Petcock open

Kill switch off

Choke 1/4 closed

Pull in manual compression release

Kick thru 10 times

Find TDC back off 1 or 2 clicks

Slow smooth stroke on kick starter

Throttle closed whole time until it starts


Throttle closed

Petcock on of course

Slow smooth kick

Starts almost everytime 1 kick

Hope that helps

2000 650R FMF 4 Full system, rejetted, K&N.

Seems what nobody mentioned in this thread is that the fast kick adherents are air cooled and the slow kick adherents are liquid cooled... :thumbsup:

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