Ok I am in a big dilemma, this is my first time I have ever posted anything I have always just read. But now I need your help. I just sold my 1999 YZ400F for 3500 dollars I couldn't pass up the offer but their is one slight problem, know one knows when the new YZF will be out and I cant wait that long to ride. Would I be dissapointed with the power of the 03 crf compared to my yzf has anyone made the change from blue to red and were they happy and what is the redline of the crf???

Thanks all help will be appreciated

I can not vouch how the crf compares to the yz, in riding I have not ridden one yet. However, so far I can say this, I have ridden with a few crf's at the hills, Hands down my 2000 426 soundly trounces the crf. I thik that rider ability is equal meaning he falls I fall he fall again I fall again. :)

I do know that alot of yz'rs arnt impressed either.

But bottom line is, I would not turn my head to the crf at all, it is a nice bike.

If it were me, I would pluck that 3500 down on the yz and wait - train wait, then train I think it would be worth the wait

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Maybe Ill just ride my girlfriends golf cart 300ex around for a couple of months and wait for the 450 that should keep my riding skills up to par :) oh well maybe ill just sit around for 2 months and realize I dont need a bike anymore and save my self 6k, or probally not maybe go nuts anyone have an extra yz thumper they want to loan me :D that would be great lol!

Or you can ride your girl friend in the golf cart :)

Sorry could not resist that one

Or you can ride your girl friend in the golf cart

That is a good idea to

I really don't think you will go wrong with either bike (red or blue). If you have to have one right away, Honda is not a bad company to buy from. You might be able to get a left over '02 YZF for a good price!?

Try the TTR125L, it will spank both bikes.

Try the TTR125L, it will spank both bikes.

Well thats a thought now isnt it :) maybe ill go for a KLX hahahahaha

I have riden the CRF's, and would be very pleased to race and own one. It did not have the brute power that my 01 426 does, but it every bit as capable of anything thrown at it. Top end hauls no questions asked. It is suspended a bit stiff and harsh for a 195 intermediate level motocrosser. As in like 3 rates to heavy, hey but that is easy to fix as well. Personally I would wait for the 03 YZF, but I am partial to Yamaha's since I got the first one in 96.

Sorry guys I went for the 03 crf450 I just couldnt wait, I will ride it for a year and when the yzf gets its 5th gear back I will trade it in. Just from puttin' around It does lack a lot of bottom end compared to my 400f but it screms like a banshee on the top end. It will do for know and oh yea it felt like it weighed about a 100 lbs lighter but the fuel tank was almost empty lol! I am almost sure my 400 would beat it on a flat out drag

hey dude, don't be hatin on my TTR-125L, i can tangle with the 125 2-smokes with it out in the desert!

You keep up with 125's on your ttr 125? No offense, but that is a joke. I can barely keep up with 125's on my 225. and in the desert? I might be wrong, but I get blown away on straits, once the 2 stroke hits it's powerband, they start to pull away. But in tight fast trails, I get bored following a 2 stroke, they are so slow in the corners that I have to back off so I don't run into them.

Hope you enjoy your new Honda. But I'll tell ya, my 01 426 with a Dr.D pipe feels like John Forces Funny Car next the CRF that I rode. I know the Hondas do good lap times but I don't get paid to do fast laps, I pay to scare myself and grin. If the new YZF shares the power curve with improved boost across the board it will be a blst to ride and won't need 5 gears.

Good Luck Sand.

You'll love the CRF.

Ya gotta BUY, ya gotta BUY.

I think I'll wait. hehehehe

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