What IS a WZ ????

I rec'd a couple of emails about what this WZ thing is about, so I thought I would post what it is.

Simple, really. Just a WR with YZ mods.

The mods to call it a WZ are:

1.) YZ timing

2.) YZ / custom jetting.

3.) YZ seat/tank. Any brand is fine

4.) YZ rear fender and front plate. Rear panels are a bonus (makes the rear much thinner)

5.) YZ pipe or other performance pipe

6.) Remove other weight-remove kickstand, rear coolant res, odometer with cable and wheel gear (requires YZ wheel spacer)

7.) Of course you can't call it a WZ without removing the airbox lid and CUTTING the throttle stop.

People ask "Why didn't you just buy a YZ?". The Wide ratio gearbox is what sold me. I could have saved some cash without having to buy all the plastic, pipe, etc. But the YZ gearbox does not suit me or my riding terrain well (except for the MX track, about 20% of time). The 18" rear wheel is something often overlooked, too. The 19's feel much firmer, and tend to break loose easier on off-camber surfaces. Also, that flywheel weight and kickstand are often blessed on the trail!

When I do get a chance to ride a true YZ (about every month), I always seem to get about 100 yards before I want my WR back!

Too damn stiff and too much clutch work needed in the tight.

Now there are a select few that have decided to call our a YR....can't wait to have people asking about that :)



2001 YR 426, YZ# Plate, YZ Fender, YZ pipe, YZ Tank, SDG YZ Seat, 13/50 Gearing, Pro-Taper Bars, TAG Triple Clamp, Moose Handguards, Maier Frameguards, Throttle Stop Trimmed, Air Box Lid Removed

If my WZ/YR is street legal, is it now a WZ-L/YR-L or maybe WZ-RL or YR-RL. How about YRF-L. Maybe we need a new forum that caters to our YR's/WZ's? :)


'99 WZ/YR (you choose!) with ALL YZ mods, de-octopused, DSP Doug Henry airbox w/ velocity stack, FMF PowerBomb header, Stroker SX-1 silencer, SS front brake line, forked over by Pro-Action (and then fixed by me), OEM YZ tank, IMS YZ seat, carb mods by Jim Dean, Andy in OZ, & Sir "Taffy" from Jolly Old England, AMA, NESC, and I use MOBIL 1 Oil, with ZERO problems.

Mine is a YZ with a wide ratio trans and an 18" wheel.

However, when my CR450 comes the YZ will go back to street legal offroad mode with lights, kickstand, etc. but I'll still keep the YZ tank, seat, cam timing, jetting, MX suspension...


'92 GSXR 7/11 (But I never ride it so you should buy it...)

'99 YZ400F 'cause thumpers rule and two strokes drool!

i believe i might have been the first to mention the anacronym WZ. i simply made reference to a YZ timed WR. i suppose setting it up properly would be included in that.

it would have died there & then but i think clark liked the idea & kept the name up & running.

it was only later i realised that the brits , who pronounce 'Z' as ZED would immediately see 'whizzed!' & the yanks would se 'wee-zee!'.

never mind. by the way while i'm here can i mention that my mate has finally put the pictures of my bike up. the dirty little bastard has been busy emptying his balls in poland!


Yes, Taffy I believe you did come up with this :) I suppose to truly call it a WZ, the bike DOES have to be setup properly. I assume you're talking jetting and suspension here in addition to what has been mentioned above.

I am totally convinced a WZ is far more versatile and easier to ride then a YZ due to the hearbox and flywheel...not to mention the suspension for the YZ is only good when hitting big jumps. Everywhere else--very very stiff!

Glad I own a WZ, I mean YR!

NH Kevin,

How far shall we take this? Maybe someone with marketing experience should offer up a sure winner. :)

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