$24 Million for landing on your tail. Ouch


Not speculating on what the guys going through because that would be one of the worse things to get paralyzed. But to be able to sue for $24 million dollars doing something you know has great risk.

Course there are factors like, Did Yamaha know that the carb was defective and sell the bikes anyway. (If that was even the case.) I see something about the chrome peeling.

However, the ultimate thing to me here. According to the article, "A week before the accident the guy noticed that the motorcycle would hesitate for a few seconds in returning to idle after he released the throttle."

HELLOOOOOOO?????? My throttle is hanging, however I'll just keep riding it.

Also, the jumps were 2 to 3 feet high and 12 ft apart???? You could almost run and jump that far.

What you said...

This quote is revealing also:

"O'Brien had owned a smaller motorcycle and rode regularly as a boy and into his early teens. He later rode all-terrain vehicles and other friends' motorcycles until he bought the Yamaha two weeks before the accident."

Two weeks.

I am sorry the guy got hurt but its dim wads like that that are screwing things, up, I catagorise him in the same file as the domb ass woman who put scalding hot coffe between her legs in a car and then sued Mcy"d.

Gad ok My Ass wipes tore my tender buttocks cheecks I want 60 million for each freaking bun...

Gad this makes me sick.

I have a friend who is a parapalegic, got that way on a 3 wheeler before the ban. He knew what the story was it was his fault, he understood, he did something real stupid beyond his ability..

Gad that pisses me off...

I feel for the dude, really I do, but COMMON!!!

I don't see how they can pin this squarely on Yamaha. Bike ran fine for the first few weeks, the guy was totally aware that the bike wasn't running right, this was a totally isolated incident, & this is a fricken dangerous activity :):D !!

I agree with EGO, this is the same damn thing as that person suing McD's for having "HOT" coffee.........what, how dare they make their coffee hot :D !!

Total BS for sure.

Man, maybe one day I'll get rewarded for my stupidity...............hasn't happened yet thought, and probably never will.

Dodger :D:D

I agree, this is crazy.

If you know that your throttle is sticking, then you dont ride it till its fixed by a yamaha certified technician. If it stuck after that, then you might want to sue the shop that did the work, not Yamaha.

I like the part "O'Brien and his friends who examined the motorcycle could not determine the cause of the problem"

So I guess that if you and your hillbilly friends cant find the problem of the stuck throttle, there must not be a problem and its ok to ride.

That type of stuff makes me sick. Yamaha should appeal!

I always wondered about the old bag who spilled hot coffee on her private parts. Next time we blow off jury duty this is the result.

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Well you can see that the OJ jury is still working.

I say we kill him. Put him out of our misery. Im sure I have Darwins vote.

I'm sure Yamaha will appeal or settle out of court for less. In the least we need to put a cap on awards for this type of thing (including medical mal-practice suits). I feel bad for the guy, but he knows he's taking a risk when he gets on the thing. It scares me that no one is responsible for their own actions any more. I can only hope to be on the jury for one of these cases! If only it were really a jury of our peers...

All I can say is if I get hurt, I am gonna sue myself, for 500 million dollers,

then Im going after all you guys who gave me advise on what oil to use

Ya that is right what oil

I see it this way

If I did not get any advice I would not have slipped in the garage after I spilt 4 qt's of oil on the floor trying to fill my gas tank. :)

And Shawn said to go have a beer, becouse I dont drink I lost control after 3 sips and tripped over my cat poop eatin dog which made me spill more oil causing my freind to fall over a friend who had a friend that dated a girl in High Scrool that became a hooker who now does a lawyer near wher shes works

Yepo Easy Moola


Hoped that took some of the frustration out of us on this post.


The article said that they were jumping 3 to 4 foot mounds about 12 feet apart and he overshot. Come on, I feel for the guy but what the heck. I overshot an 6 foot high 30 long table top by about 10 feet last weekend because they had reworked the take-off, but I was able to land it and I have only been riding mx for about 6 months now. I came down hard, but nothing that wasn't managable even for my low experience level. Rider skill sounds questionable.

I agree take responsibility for your actions. He will probably sue his parents and go through years of therapy now because it was his dad that first bought him a dirt bike when he was a kid.

You guys need to look at both sides of this. Yes, he was doing something dangerous but I don't think for 1 minute you guys would have turned your nose up at the $$$.

It's always easy to point fingers until your the one in the wheel chair and can never walk or pee on your own again.

on my track, my first "rythem section" RIGHT out of a 90 degree corner is 3 doubles about 3 and a half feet tall going 14' long 11' long and the last one is 9' long. almost like those. my friend on his yz125 has to be pinned in second coming out of the corner to be able to make the first one and have enough speed to make the next one and so on.

this guy definitly needed more expierience and the skills to be able to correct stuff like that when it happens such as body motion, or pulling in the clutch, or stomping the rear brake, or just jumpin off before you even take flight instead of just loopin out

and i dont know about you guys but i would feel like a major dick if i decided to sue someone for my stupid actions or just plain old my fault. i never think about suing anyone whenever i get hurt doing anything because most of the time it was my fault or it was the name of the game.

[ July 16, 2002: Message edited by: thumper4life ]

At least the jackass cant ride anymore. Suing because your weak or lame is just plain wrong. I recant my idea of killing the kid, kill his parents and the F'n lawyer that sought the suit.

Sirthump is calling for Tort reform. Ya like the congress is gonna do that! Good luck......Until these jackasses start dropping like flys, the only consideration to filing the suit is managing the pretrial debt. If they have to manage possible death as the result of filing the suit, it might, MIGHT, slow the filing of this type of BS.


by your remark, I would not put it past you to do the same thing.

Its only what I got from yopur remark it si not a personal shot or flame.

But look at it, I have doen things all my life up until I was 25 Drunk, Stoned or just plain stupid. I got hurt plenty of times, was it my fault yes, was I doing something beyond my ability, sometimes yes, did I find a snake for a lawyer to sue becouse I broke my foot on private property, (Where I was Not supposed to Be)

or Sue the Land owner becouse I fell through a skylite trying to rob the place (Not Me but an actual event)

Will I sue your moma (Funny Vegas Just A funny)

There is no other side of it except the guy crippled "HIMSLEF"

It was not yamahas fault, it was not the throttle manufa fault it was dumb luck, accident, in-experiance and a greedy SOB


I broke my back on a 70ft step-up at our track.

No $$$$$ here.I cant sue for me just being too much of a puss to go fast enough to clear it.

We all know the risk when we start the sport.

(I assume)

this is part of the issue,

A true story in Los gatos Ca some time back

A widow sued a Porsche Dealership and Porsche America, after her husband bought a new 930 Turbo Carrea.

He killed himself not two hours after he drove out of the parking lot of the dealer.

She Claimed the dealership had no responcibility in selling him such a supped up racing car.

She One Millions

Two LA teenagers started to break into the High Scrool the attended to steal some computers as they say. One fell 30 foot through a skylite, causing him to be a parapalegic. He sued and was successfull, the claim was the schroll had not secured the skylite.

and the list goes on and on and on, as long as there are greedy freaking people and a shyster attorney to help, there wil be crap like this happening all the time.

I was rearended by some dirtbag hag, on the way home from work, the impact shattered my once solid Back fusion form my first back surgury.

Did I sue, No I settled for the loss of my car lost wages and compensation, with the insurance companys thats it what did I get all I wanted was medical and things replaced. 100k did it. I could have taken the hag to the cleaners along with the employeer of which she was driven there vehicle. I chose not too, WHY ?

Becouse it was an accident,

If the Hag was drunk, or neglagent or running from the cops or soemthing stupid, then its not an accident....

[ July 16, 2002: Message edited by: E.G.O.**** ]

I agree with ego. they guy was also aware of the sticking throttle. BTW, what kind of idiot could not diagnose and repair a sticking throttle? sounds to me like this guys should be riding red, or not riding at all.

what gets me is that how he knew before hand that his bike was giving him trouble yet did nothing about it. Doesnt he have a responsibility as an owner to inspect his bike and make sure it is safe to ride before he rides it. Its there any law would make sure that he made a reasonable attempt to solve the issue, before it became the fault of the manufacturer. I dont accept "his friends looked at it".

A couple of issues arise directly out of this type of stupidity -> sue -> settlement thing.

Firstly, insurance premiums go up, or insurance is suddenly not available for dirtbike riders anymore, and

secondly, too costly or no available insurance cover means less tracks and less riding opportunities


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