$24 Million for landing on your tail. Ouch

I never said I agree with the guy suing for something that in my opinion was actually HIS fault.

I agree with you guys there, my point is that sometimes the attorneys are more at fault than the plaintiff because they are the ones fueling this tort dabacle that we have going in this country right now.

My only point is if someone offered you x million dollars, you'd probably take it too.

I don't blame the moron that paralyzed himself for asking for the 24 million, I blame the legal system and us for giving it to him.

I pay my employees to go on jury duty. But I'm still a weasel because I won't do it myself.

We are all responsible for this.

When you vote don't vote for lawyers.

What do lawyers and a sperm cell have in common?

1 chance in 1,000,000 of becoming a human being.

Until the politicians enact real tort reform this country is going to keep going down hill. Everything we buy or do costs more and more in large due to rising insurance premiums. Our legal system had developed a personal lack of responsibility for our actions. Every doctor and manufacturer must spend a fortune protecting themselves from the lawyers that reap millions on the most frivilous cases. Sure some people have legitimate legal grounds to seek civil redress for injury or loss but this country needs real reform of our civil legal system. Lawyers advertising in priint, on television and radio make me sick. Look at the warning stickers on any new motorcycle or lawnmower; some idiot did something stupid then sued the manufacturer and won a large settlement. I was hurt at work 13 years ago. I told the insurance people, my boss and the doctors I got in a hurry and did something stupid. Yes I am toting a paralysed leg and lost control of my bladder but I kept working and took responsibility for my actions. State laws mare the insurer pay my medical bils and a lost wages settlement but I signed off on all further claims and went to work. I am an engineer now, and I taught myself to ride dirt bikes again and I am damned proud of that. Call your elected representatives and demand tort reform now before all doctors have to quit and our manufactured goods cost too much to afford. Sorry for the vent but I am pasionate about this issue. Personal responsibility is disappearing in this country. ( How did I do E.G.O.? :) )

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Amen Florida 426!!!

I hear that Hillary is considering running for the next election :):D:D !! What do you think product liability suits will be like then??? At least 10X worse. We won't have any riding areas or any motorcycle manufacturers left if she gets a chance.

He broke his back on a 12 foot jump? I would say that it is his falt for not drinking his milk. :)

Beezer, thats an awsome theory. u rock man. :):D

I wonder at what point are people going to start taking responsibilitys for the own action?

I was out in Reno in 98 and I remember hearing a story about a Heart Surgeon that was walking across a parking lot at Wal-Mart. He was strolling along and hit his shin on a reciever hitch on a truck. So he sued Wal-Mart for millions because he claimed his hands trembled too much from the accident and he could no longer preform surgery.

I say we take all these people, lock them in a car with 130 degree heat and roll the windows up. :):D:D

This is getting crazy! Two of our local practice tracks have closed in the last couple of weeks, due to insurance policies not being renewed. In one case, some guy is suing the track owner, because he broke his leg at the track. This is after paying his $20 to ride for the day, and signing the form saying motorsport is dangerous, etc, etc, and agreeing that he understands the risks involved, and by signing he supposedly takes full responsibility for his actions. Now he sues the guy, who is a great guy, who happens to love bikes, and just tries to give us all somewhere to ride legally. The other tracks policy was due to be renewed, and a hefty increase has put them out of action also. All because of the threat to insurers of massive payouts like this. Hopefully sanity will prevail, and the government will step in, and do something, yeah right.

We definitely need a cap on this. The problem is the cap would limit lawyers earnings, and it's the lawyers (not prosecuters, but lawyers as a group) making the laws..ugh.. talk about a conflict of interest. But I'm not sure who to be more mad at, the lawyers or the @#^! jurrors who OK these types of things!

Vanilla, don't bash the companies, that is bull.

Florida, you are right.

I think this guy was at fault for not getting his bike checked out. Are his friends certified to work on a carb? Did they even know whick one was the throttle? How many other cases has there been like this? a little a lot? Was it just the 1 Carb? If so then it isn't the manufacturers fault. The guy knew there was a problem, it was his fautl for not taking to to a reapir shop and getting it checked. It is idiots liek this and that fall through skylights that &%$#@! it up for the rest of us decent people!

"Frivolous Law Suit" What the hell is next!!!!!!!!!!

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