Stainless Oil Filters


I agree with you. The stock filter does work fine. Properly maintained, your engine will probably run as long as Jetpilot's will with the high dollar filter. With regular oil changes, and moderate thrashing, these engines are indestructible.

I thought jetpilot's response was a bit attacking. Stay with your stock filter (as I will), and enjoy a long healthy engine life. It's not just the "old way", it's the proven way. It may not be as good as the mesh/stainless filter, but it's more than good enough. You shouldn't suffer criticism for your choice. I guarantee it won't make him any faster.

Winkel :devil::thumbsup:

With all the attacking a side....If you use your bike alot and change the oil monthly it doesn't take much to see the big benifit is the money you save. 6 oil changes and your making money....ok not spending it :thumbsup:

I use the scotts stainless filter in my CRF450. I use mobil 1 red cap and change the oil frequently. The oil looks clean when I drain it. Inside the engine is clean and free of wear. :thumbsup:

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