white brothers e-series help

well i am looking at a good deal on this exhaust any one run it?Most importantly will it fit a stock head pipe?I forgot 03 yz 450.

No one has this exhaust? Guess they are a piece of crapola,but hey i needed a spark arrestor so i bought it.

i just bought a 04 450 and also the e series pipe as well, since i got a good deal on it. my brother bought a new bike too, but a yosh pipe. neither pipes recommended jet changes, but his runs like [@#$%&*!]. mine runs great. i found that about 7 disks works the best for me, but today i got a ticket for red sticker riding. (damn cali) and also i was too nosiy. fyi, 7 disks = 101 db. my brother is now stuck with a expensive, overly loud pipe. lol, i like the pipe though

I run an e-series on my 426 and it matched up just fine with the stock header :thumbsup:

I also run one on my 426 and love it, thanks for the info about the DB rating with 7 discs i am currently running 6 in mine, i had put as many as 10 in but that was too loud. :thumbsup:

I run e-series on all my bikes... No disks, down spout only... Lets the slow pokes know I'm closing in on 'em.

Bonzai :thumbsup:

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