175 valve pads

Anyone have a pair of valve pads they want to sell. Or know where I can get some online. None of my local dealers have any



I have a couple extra. Curious though, what is the number on your existing pads that you are changing? The reason I ask is that in the manual they tell you to round to the nearest .05 mm. Example, if you have a 182 call it a 180 and then get next smallest pad size which would be a 175. That was too big of a jump for me. On the pads I have a 182 I will put in a 180. Seems to be within specs better.

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I have a 182 and 184. I think 180 might still be on the tight side for the 182 side. do I'm going to go down to 175 or 178 if I can find one. I put the 182 in the 184 side and it is one the tight side so I think I'm going to go to 180. I found a shop that might have some but if you want a 182 or 184 I'll trade for 180 and 175 or thereabouts

You need to try the 180 in both positions first. I had a 182 on the border line and put in a 175 and then I was out too far in the other direction. I have an extra 175 and 188 if you need either. I could use an extra 180.

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