Honda / Yamaha debate.

Sorry, I changed my mind on this post, I think it will just end up in troll bait and flames.

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I say we go over to the red board and attack!

Blue guys are much tougher than red guys :)

Darn, another entertaiining thread with good flames shot to hell :) .

Via La Differance. Those Yamaha's are cute little bikes. :)


I just so happened to read your post earlier and didnt have time to post a reply THEN.

DAMN job..........all it does is interfere with my TT time!!! :D

I am going thru the same sort of debate with myself right now!

I cant decide on the 03' 450f or the 03' 450f???????? :)

Another dilema is BLUE or HURRICANE??? :D


YAMAHA all the way.

Buy a honda and sue them for not making it like the yami for 25 mil :)

Read the new relese and decide if you want to ride mc, sx, ax or all around.......... 4 speed, that could be a problem for the deserts,Awesome for the tracks. :)

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ride "RED" if your "IMBREAD"!!!!!

You roost the nicest people on their Honda's

Originally posted by motomike137:

You roost the nicest people on their Honda's

...right before they lap you.

If God didn't intend people to ride Yamahas, why is the sky blue? (look ma, no prayers or condemnation only fun :) )

"You roost the nicest people on their Honda's"

Why don't you tell that to Ricky Carmichael??

The bike doesn't make the rider, the rider makes the bike.

Ricky C is a robot; he is not real, as soon as everyone realizes he is a fake the better.

I here he is made of some alien guu from area 51, using some sort of super exo skeleton shell

I just went out in my garage and did inventory. Damned if I don't own one of each of the 4 Asian brands, although I DO own 2 Yamaha's. KTM is my next bike. ALL dirt bikes are good!

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