Baja Designs is Awesome

I ordered parts from them yesterday at 2:45 P.M. and received them at 1:00 P.M today. I told them it was urgent I received them the next day or I did not want to order them. I was assured they would arrive on time and they came through.


Ditto on the props. I told them I would like the order before a certain day and they were 3 days earlier than that. :thumbsup:

I'll have to agree with that! :thumbsup:

I was having trouble with the dual sport kit on my girls bike. After trying to figure it out over the phone with them we decided I would bring the bike in. I brought it in, the guy figured it out in just a few minutes, fixed it for nothing, and I was on my way.

I recomend them. :devil::awww:

Every time i order from them they are great. Rocky Mnt. is really good also. :thumbsup:

I've only ordered a couple things from BD and they came threw for me also. You can tell who rides and who just goes to work. There is a difference. :thumbsup:

I'm glad you started this thread... as I didn't want to be "that guy" and look like I was 'promoting' them. :lol:

I work within 20min from them... have dealt with them since waaaay back... and love everything they do for me. :devil:

In fact, mail order, phone order and online/phone tech support is BETTER than walk in service... I only say that since once you're in the doors, you get so locked up in talking shop or bench racing you forget what you're there for! :awww:

Alan, Jeremy, Tex, and the rest of the entire employee lineup are the best. Not only that they either race it (R&D at it's best), use it, own it, or live it... there's no BS in their product line.

Can I getta... "what what"!!


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