Hot FMF pipes

Sup guys, just purchased a 2000 426 with full fmf pipes. however i was riding the bike last night and noticed how hot the header pipe became, it actually glowed a little in the first elbow coming out the engine. the guy i bought the bike from said it got hot, but i just wanted to see if this was normal. thanks <font color="black"> <font color="black">

Normal. The walls of the header are only about 1mm thick, or less. My T4 system does the same thing.

I'm experiencing the same problem with a '00 426 that i just cleaned the carberator on. After about 30 seconds of idling it is cherry red. This cant be right. I'm afraid to ride it from fear that something is going to melt close by. The bike is new to me and had been sitting for the last year and a half. Is it too rich and still burning the fuel in the header?


It's normal, 4-strokes have very hot exhaust. Check back through the threads, every couple weeks a new owner asks this same question. :thumbsup:

Slap on a different header guard if your worried about getting burned. Better yet, go to Motoman's website and check out what he did. :thumbsup:

That is the way a head pipe should look, that's what metal looks like at 1200 degrees.

Its they bike way of saying,

"Ride me and stop staring"

I love the cherrie look.... You should start to worry if your cylinder head starts to glow that color... :thumbsup: The titanium ones (Headers) get a nice blue look after heating like that.... If I picked the bike up from someone like you did you might just make sure you flush the coolant system and add back the good stuff... It will make you feel better... :devil:

Thanks guys! I heard the same thing from a local shop so I threw a leg over and let it rip! OH MY GOD

I have the ti4 head pipe and Q4 muffler. My carb is jetted perfectly for where I ride and the pipe does get toasty. As I am not a racer, weight was not a problem for me so I purchased a stock header guard on ebay and welded on the mounting bolts. No more burnt riding pants.

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