Light kit for an 02 YZ426

Hi folks,

After a 10 year hiatus from dirt biking it`s time to come back home.

Anyway this is my first post and you folks have likely discussed this before.

What is the setup for adding a light kit to my YZ ? I`d like to make it "enduro" legal/plated for some of the Michigan trails.

Talked to Baja Design and they recommended swapping to a WR stator. Big Bucks...

How did you guys do it ???

YZman 400.

Thanks for the reply. I`d be interested in the setup you describe. Maybe we could talk more ? As there are still a few questions that I dont understand.

If you would, send me your email/phone number.

I live in New Baltimore, just up 94 between Detroit and Port Huron. Ride in the St.Helen area.


You have some options. And it depends on how much you want to spend.

I have a E-line lighting coil that puts out 200watts with an Acerbis headlight kit that I got from E-Line. It came with a headlight (the 2 35 watt bulb kind), a wire harness, brake light switch, and a Acerbis tail/brake light. All for $650. It is the most powerful coil available. They have other light kits available but only the one coil. The coil alone costs $500.

I checked into buying WR parts but there were too many different part numbers that were different in the electrical system, so I couldn't tell what all needed to be replaced. It was going to cost probably $300 - $500.

You also can get your coil rewound from Electrics I think the name was. That coil puts out like 45watts and costs $90 maybe. Can't remember exactly. But I have the info somewhere.

If you want to know about any tricks that I needed to do just ask.

Did you have to add a larger cover on the left side to make room for the lighting coil? Also did it add any significant weight to the flywheel?

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