450F Release

Does any one have their new bike yet? I heard from a couple dealers that the first ones are due in any day or already out the door.

I figured that somebody on here would have 1 by now!

the word from the factory is we will see the YZ450 in September and the WR in Nov or Dec. The YZ250F won't hit the dealer's floor until Nov. I actually got to see the pre-production 450F in the race shop today. This thing is sic. I can't wait until Sept. My 250F is gone, I sold it 2 weeks ago. I am so desperate to ride, I borrowed my brother in-laws 02 KTM520 SX. that thing is a beast. My arms are about an inch longer now after riding it for the weekend. But it sure was nice to have that big bore power. It got me to thinking how nice it will be to have big bore power and handling of a 250F.

I have a deposit on the first WR that hits my dealers floor. He said that his delivery is scheduled for any time from mid August to September.

I hope that this is true. I know thats not what Yamaha's web site says but, I guess they could be early. It would be kind of out of the norm not to releas something before Christmas.

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