You guys are awesome!! - Hot Cam Mod and JD Jetting Kit

I just want to say thanks for all the posted info. I was so close to selling my 02 426 and going back to 2 strokes that I had already bartered a deal for an 04 CR 250. I stumbled upon this message board and found the hot cam mod helped with the starting issue. On Monday I ordered the intake/exhaust Hot Cams, shims and compression plug. They arrived on Thursday and the bike was running that night.

I was so tired of finding a rock to stand on so I could throw all my weight onto the starter and the snickering/finger pointing during races when this happened. Now I have new hope for the bike.

Today will be the virgin ride with the new cams. I feel like a 5 year old on Xmas morning!

Now if I can just solve the plug fouling problem I'll be set. I've ordered the JD Jetting kit and will put it in after I feel comfortable that the cam mod is performing well.

Thanks again for all the info!

There's a lot of posts on here about plug fouling, it usually comes down to jetting or more often fuel. In my personal case it was 2 things; fuel from the local Mobil station, and me staring the bike on the stand and turning it off before it warmed up (such as to run it for 1 minute to show friend how cool it sounds :thumbsup: ). In each case the bike ran fine the day I was running it, but the next day it needed a new plug.

I did the coil on plug mod on my 400 and it really helped the bike. I work at a Ford dealership so I used a coil pack off of a escape V6. Others have used the coil pack from a 450. This mod is cheap and easy and really helps with a hotter spark. Good luck

Could you give a little more info on that coil mod?

Thanks. That was the first mention of that one I've seen here...


Go here there is contact information about where to get parts. Look under Tech Articles then look for coil on plug set up. Good luck great mad for the money!

Mike Dean a member here at TT will sell you a coil kit that has everything you need.


That is what mine looks like with that same style coil pack. I didnt cut up my old coil pack for the boot. I just used the boot from the escape coil pack and trimmed it to fit works really well. I have never had a plug foul. The only time I change my plug is when Im bored.

A Hayabusa coil works perfect, get one from a wrecking yard. Dont forget to get the electrical connector at the same time. :thumbsup:

How can I get the Mike Dean coil kit?

Reading on that site, it looks like the 03 and up yz450's already have this done right?

I will have an '04 next Friday. :thumbsup:

You are right...03-04 have coil on cap.

Here is Mike Dean's contact info if your interested:

Mike Dean or PM him here at TT Mike_Dean


here is another cool thing about the mod. When you remove the old coil you can cut the tabs off the frame and it cleans that area up alot. (I touched up the bare metal spots where the tabs were with primer and paint)


Update: Bike ran great yesterday. I ran a light 30 minute trail ride like the posts suggest for breakin and then hit the MX track. The bike seems to have lost some torque but revs a lot quicker than it used to. The torque loss was really only noticable in 4th and 5th. The lower gears were great with the fast wind. I liked the outcome of the switch a lot. Best of all, I could start it with one easy kick!

I rejetted the bike according to the JD Kit directions and will test that this evening. The plug never fouled but was pretty black when I pulled it out last night.

Question: Does anyone know the part # for the 04 coil on plug part?

Thanks again!

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