Grey wire mod?

Does this mod apply to all wr 426`s regardless of market destination?

pretty sure, mines an aus model, and i had it on my 99

Cheers!,was thinkin of givin it a try,and tryin the tps disconected :thumbsup:

yeah ive put a switch on mine and mounted it on the bars, so that i can switch to yz or wr mapping easily. although if you do have it like that, you sholuld only switch when the bike is off. i think it can wreck the cdi a bit.

i was thinkin bout d/cthe tps too, let me know how you go.


Is the Canadian model the only wrs that came w/o the throttle stop, hence no grey mod required?

I would have thought Australian model would be the same as the Canadian....after all both countries got the RZee500 :thumbsup:

Had a look at the grey wire and it was never connected from the factory!,it is there,just it has a blanking plug fitted to one end of the connector block,toolie is spot on,no throttle stop from the factory means the grey wire mod does not need to be done! :thumbsup:

what exactly is the mod. i have a grey wire in a connector but not just a wire. if thats the wire do i just cut it or ground it out? the july Dirt Bike talked about it.2000 wr 400

about the blanking plug, mine had that as well, just make sure that that connecter isnt joining both wires to ground.

Thanks for that tip,i will take a closer look at the connector block? :thumbsup:bdeezy the mod changes cdi mapping from wr(grounded)yz(dissconected) :thumbsup:

what kind of switch did you use? i picked up a little one from radio shack its rated at 6a @125vac , 3a @250vac, will that work?

yeah that should work fine, i dont think the CDI would draw to much of a current, (not sure) but still that switch has a pretty high amp rating. i used a SPST for mine, (single pole, single throw) basically just a simple ON/OFF switch. just make sure you cover up all your soldering joining with tape or liquid electrical tape, to make sure its not shorting anywhere. :thumbsup:

Had a look at the connector and they are not joined inside the plug,i even tested it with a multimeter to make sure!,so it was on yz mapping from new

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