XR650L seems to sag with clarke 4.7 (should i add air to the forks?

i'm a fairly heavy guy 205lbs. i just installed the 4.7 tank. the front end seems to sag more then it used to (or should i say more than i like).

has anyone added air to there forks? should i consider upgrading the stock springs. any insight would be great... thanks in advance

The Clarke tank shouldn't make any difference on sag, with the clarke full of gas compared to the stock metal tank full there is only about 7 pounds of weight difference. I weigh 230 lbs and haven't noticed any sag yet after 7500 miles of riding and have the same tank as you.

Theres no way it could be the tank I weigh only 180 lbs and noticed the front forks were too soft for me going down steep rocky down hills. With your weight (no offense) I would at least look into stiffer springs in the front and possibly rear if your looking to do any kind serious of offroad riding that is. And if you can afford It I would also have both ends re valved it makes a world of difference in the suspension. I would do this before doing anything else if I were you. Just my opinion :thumbsup: Sorry i think i mite have gotten a little carried away there but its just somthing to consider LOL :devil:

7 Pounds shouldnt make any differende at all. I would be willing to bet you just see the bike differently than you used to and it gives you the perception of sagging more than it did. The bike obviously looks a lot different as you sit on it with the new tank. Now maybe it always sagged, but with the new sight picture looking foward you are just noticing more something that was already there....


i measured the bar height before the the 4.7 and after. there is a noticable difference in the height. :thumbsup:

i weigh 205lbs. (which isn't heavy for the bikes stock springs :devil:)

i thought one of you might have had the same issue or had added air to your forks. what does air do for the forks? will it make the forks stiffer, possibly highten the front end height (prob. a quick fix)?

guys i know the bike looks different with the 4.7 :awww:. i like the way she looks with the bigger tanks. ooohh wait a minute that's my girlfriend :lol:.

the tank has an aggressive look. not to mention longer range.

seven pounds is wrong, 2.1 gallons of fuel weighs seven pounds? More like 15 lbs. Time for new springs!

The 7 pounds differnce is the combined weight of tank and fuel the plastic Clark is about 7 pounds lighter than the stock metal tank so that cancels out one gallon of gas so that leaves about one gallon extra or about 7 pounds. Adding air will stiffen up the ride, if I remember right the owners manual recommends no air and if you add any it should be done with a hand pump.

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