Stealing and Idea from Rock Hucker

Ok here is the plan, two catagories

1: Best 50 bucks spent on your bike, List improvement or performance

2: Best Free Improvement on your Bike List How


So the Best 50 Bucks I spent On my bike so far

Head Bearings and Races

This really helped the handling of the bike I was struggling with a gyro feeling front end.

Best Free Mod By far the BKmod

Dont have to explain that one

A new tire before the race. 50 bones

Setting the suspension just right. Free

I havent bought anything for the bike under $50 unless you count oil filters and grips.

I think that the best free mod I have made is my shaved seat. I know some people don't think highly of the idea, but so what. Ive got a 29" inseam if im lucky. Seat height is 39.3, where do you expect me to make up 10 full inches?

MSR raptor clutch..........30bucks

FREE Dent fix *** HERE***


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$50 - Blo.......... oh you said bike?

Gasoline - to ride.

Free mods

removed play from throttle - instant HIT.

6 hours of playing w/suspenion settings at Glen Helen.

Side kickstand so that I can start the bike easier. It's hard when you're only 5'5

Suspension adjustments is the best free change, hands down.

For $50 I got a fan that I take with me to the track. For another $50 I got a beach umbrella, chair and cork-screw to hold it in the ground. So now I can cool off between rides. Best $100 I've spent!


suspension set up

Pile of barely used tires from a few expert riders at southwick. :D Wont have to buy a new tire for at least 8 months :)

773 rear tire (a bit more than 50)

BK mod, my bike was very unreliable in starting before this, i'd have to pray for it to start and if in 10 kicks it didnt start i just put it away and cried in my room :)

about 90 bucks.... I know... it's over budget... Honda master cylinder. Ended front brake problems.

Best 50+ O-ring chain

Best free mod. TT ! :D:)

Because of you guys I've kept myself form making bad buys & also found people who will help out with all kinds of problems. Keep it up TTer's

I got a new paddle tire for $59. That counts as $50 doesn't it?

As the other people said. The best free anything was the suapension. A dialed suspension makes you feel like superman and ride faster/safer/longer. A poorly adjusted suspension can get you tired or even hurt in minutes.

Best $50...Gortex underwear

So when I soil myself it does not get on the seat of my new 426 or show through my riding pants.

Best Free Mod...duct tape around the legs of the Gortex underwear. So when I soil myself it does run down my legs and into my boots.

No one will ever know that you are crappin' your pants over those whoops or when you get big air! :)


1) Emig billet top clamp.

2) Machining new clutch cable hole in clutch lever.


Dr. D hotstart (TT buy).

white brother complete Eseries exhaust $479

Applied clamps upper and lower $239

BK mod $6

leaving a CRF450 in yamaha dust PRICELESS!!!!


I have found that "THREE" Imodium's work better.

Nothing gets through if ya use three.

Come to think about it it also last about 3 days two :)

For $50 or less...a steel rear sprocket(ride in the sand mostly).

For free...extending the actuator arm on the clutch and keeping the cable lubed.

Best Under $50:

No Toil filter oil and filter.

Best Free:

Losing 20 lbs off myself. Makes the riding

a lot easier.

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