Anybody know if there have been any MAJOR updates with the 650L since '94?

I beleive it is the same frame, suspension and motor.

Besides, maybe cosmetics and carbs I think they are essentially the same. Rear disc in'94?

Any insights, let me know as I can make a great score on a '94 with only 8000 kms.


Yeah,they are all basically the same.I bought a new one in '94,sold it to buy my house in '95.Bought a used '94 in '98 and kept that till last year when i bought my current one,a '03.

'93 was the first year.

'94 they lowered the rear 1/2"

they all have front/rear disc brakes

just checked out the'05 on honda's w/s

same o, same o :thumbsup:

please Honda ,upgrade this bike ,O.K.

13 years and your still giving us the same old bike.

You don't pull that s*#t with your sport bikes/MX bikes ! :devil:

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