Wow I sure got lucky.

Bike has new intake valves after having the chain jump a bunch of teeth on the intake cam and valves hitting the piston. I get the bike together, starts 3rd kick, and it rips. It sounded very crisp and strong while riding it for 3 hours, so I thought it was safe to take it out on the trail. I trail ride it for another two hours, then stop the bike to take a break. When I start the bike back up, there is a HORRRID tickslaptickslap sound from the engine. I shut it off imediately, and the kickstarter would not buldge. Great, the piston bent the valves again. I wasnt going to push this pig home, so I pulled the valve cover off on the side of the trail (thank god for brining tools), and sure enough its off timing. I fix the timing, and to my luck it has the same compression as before. Starts right up, and I thought it be too good to be true. When I stop and start the motor again, it makes the same terrible noise as before. When I turned the motor off and kicked it over with the decomp pulled in a few times, it starts right up. Weird, but I rode it home anyway. So I pull off the valve cover again, and its off timing. Thats even weirder, how did it run with a tooth or two off time on the intake side? It still has full compression when I timed it back right.

I'm guessing its the timing chains fault becuase it does look a tad loose and probally hasnt been replaced in 5 years. The tensioner is working fine too.


just to be safe I would put a chain and tensioner on it.

Sorry, forgot to mention I was going to order a new chain. Whats really the point of replacing the tensioner as well?

tensioner have and do fail. They don't cost that much.

Check the drive sprocket while you're at it, that's typically the first sprocket to go (the small one on the crank).

I agree, get's more wear, since it's spinning faster than :thumbsup: the 2 top gears.

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