The BEST under $100 bucks I ever spent..............bla bla bla was a great suit. Check it out!


Is that a BK-mod in your pocket .........?


are you just happy to see TT????? :)

Good deal for you rock hucker....but I dont have a stabilizer. Mine also move the bars forward an inch. Its funny to see people doing double takes when the bike is on the stand at the track...they're so high, the bars kinda look like antlers. :)

I will have to second the Dr. D Hot Start.

Hehe, idaho, with my dad on a 426, I've found out i'm not missing much! :)


Hookers in Nevada are legal......however that animal thing is questionable :):D ..........Nevada is working on making that legal to so the DA will not be seeking prosecution....

Stay safe


A lot of condoms..!!! :)

This thread has veered off-topic but I have two under $100 mod favorites:

1. DID x-ring chain and Primary Drive sprockets from Rocky Mountain.

2. PC Racing pro seal gasket

I put the chain on and adjusted it once in 50 hours. I adjusted again recently because I felt guilty. It didn't need it. I clean it with a brush and simple green/water after each ride and spray WD-40 on it afterward. I might replace the sprockets soon but mostly out of guilt.

As for the PC racing gasket, it made the air filter chore much easier. No more damn grease getting on my fingers and airbox...

I dont think anything Ive done has been Less than 100 bucks short the pc air filter seal, which is a really cool thing. But the best free mod is definitley Lowering the clamp on the fork 3mms. this changed my bike so much I couldnt hardly believe it. It changed my bike handliing wise as much as the Thunder Alley pipe did for the motor.Man I had a great day yesterday.

Best 100 bucks spent

Advertising My YZF so I could get my CRF(to ride till the 04 YZF450 comes out because I am not getting an 03 4spd and I know the 04 will be 5spd)

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