What parts can be swapped from a yz426 to a yz450f?

Just some things to consider for us EbAy shoppers...




What about the header?

front fender, triple clamps (03 only), fork seals (03), brake pads, brake rotors, hubs, rims, sprockets, air filter, chain guide, chain/swingarm buffer, clutch, throttle cables, clutch cable (04 only). I know there are more possibly.

I would say no on the header but someone may have tried it.

the frames are the same arent they?


The carbs are different, i just picked up an 04, now have to order a new power now. Later on i'll have list of goodies for a 426 for sale. :thumbsup:


the 450 motor wont bolt into a 426 frame?

no. It's like anything else...it can me "made" to work but requires some fabrication. Do a search for "450 motor in 426 frame". There is some info there.

The head is taller on a 450, the lower mounts are different and the oil lines are different.

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