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Stalls when you turn left

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I just picked up a 2002 Arctic Cat 375 4x4 Auto. It was running fine when I tested it, electric start was good, headlights were strong etc. Loaded it up, drove it home, went to unload and nothing. No power to the gauge pod, no electric start (Battery is showing 12.55 Volts). Turn everything on and it pull starts just fine. However, when running lights are flickering and so is the neutral light on the gauge pod. No voltage difference at battery when running (still 12.55 volts, not 14). I feel like it is a bad wire or ground (from battery to ignition ???) Will test voltage regulator and stator, however, that should not be causing the stall when turning bars to the left (even when not moving). Any starting point help would b egreat.



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