valve shim diameter??

I picked up some shims at the dealer today. The shims that they gave me are about 3/4 the diameter of the originals. The move around on top of the valves instead of fitting tight. Will these shims work? Or should I find the correct ones. I had to drive an hour to get these



I wouldn't use anything other than OEM for your bike. If they are not exactly like the ones in the bike they probably are not right.

on the '98-'99 version of the yz400 the ouside diameter is 9.5mm. On the '00 and up models have a small outside diameter. I'm guessing that you have a 400, and the person working at the parts counter probably gave you a shim for a 426 thinking there are the same. There are good aftermarket shims out there, but it is very important that they fit properly. Also when you are re-assembling your motor place the shims on the valve so you can read the number. It will help for the next time you adjust your valves. :)

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