BK Mod?

By the sounds of things I am the only person that does not know what a BK Mod is.

I just picked up a 00YZ426 this year,all new to me.

Little Help.

bk mod eliminates the bog or hesitation off of idle on your big fourstroke bike, go up to the top right and click on search and type in BK Mod i am sure you will find out exactly what information you are looking for and instructions on how to do it.

for me it improved starting by %100000 and my rich condition and it slightly reduced the bog

Thanks for the feedback,this site is great!


here is the site for the instructions on the BK mod

Motomans Web Site

Look under tech articles / BKmod

best 6 bucks you will spend for the 00

Oops - my bad

[ July 20, 2002: Message edited by: Fryboy ]

FryBoy I have the correct link to motoman, the one you posted is old ...

Click on Motomans Web Site

Thast the link

[ July 20, 2002: Message edited by: E.G.O.**** ]

Dang Ego you be a fast one. I didn't notice you had his link there. Dohhhhh sorry my humorous brother.

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