Sprockets, O-Ring Chain, and Jetting

Hey ya'll, got a few questions.(please help a 15 y/o amateur). I need a new chain and sprockets. I want to get more low end power...I do alot of trail riding, I want a lower 1st gear. Also, is the o-ring chain worth the extra dough? And last, I have a white brother's E-Series pipe and header on the way....I'm assuming I'll have to change the jetting? I'm running stock. Any help is GREATLY appreciated. Thanks in advance.(00' Yz 426((All stock at the minute))

o ring chain (x ring is beter still) is well worth it (heaps cheaper than a set of cases), especially for trail riding. The only reeason for a non o ring chain is if you are conserned about the minute amount of power a sealed chain consumes compared to a std chain. Since I have a WR I cant comment on the ratio, but people that trailride with YZ's seem to go about 13/50 due to the YZ's high 1st gear. If you have stock YZ exhaust on now, jetting changes required will be minimum.

You should probably go up at least a tooth on the rear for lots of woods riding maybe two. Or you could go down 1 tooth on the front. Whichever sprockets you get go ahead and get steel ones cause your bike'll eat the aluminum ones up quick. I had an e-series on my wr426 w/ yz timing and stock jetting. It ran a little lean, but I was happy w/ the way it ran so I just left it instead of risk messing it up. I did order a larger pilot jet cause the bike was popping under decel, it helped right off idle alittle.

Hopes this helps a bit.

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