Front Spocket Change

When changing the front sprocket there is a washer that is to be bent in order to keep the sprocket from turning will in motion.... Do you guys know any tricks to bend this washer into place with out having to hammer :thumbsup: a scew driver behind it and bend it out or is this how you do it? Seems kinda crude and was not sure if this would hurt something... I tried a little and it seemed to be eating at the washer just need to know if there is another way before i continue Thanks

hammer is the way to do it. after you have bent it 1/2 way with the hammer, u can use a pair of multigrips and squash it into place from the opposite face of the nut. If the washer starts to crack, simply bend another section of it over. When it buggered all the way around get a new washer.

ok great, another question since this is a part that is to be replaced after a couple of uses.. Can you only get this from a dealer or if it can be purchased on the internet what would it be called or does any one know the part number?

I get them at the local parts store, don't remember the price but it wasn't much. I comes as a Yamaha OEM part. The original part will have 2 places that are already partially bent up. It should be faily simple to get a screw driver back there and finish the job. A screw driver and hammer work great, you don't need to pound it, just tap it a bunch of times.

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