Top Ten excuses to the wife to go ride?

I'm looking to build a bank of great things to say to my wife that will get me out ridin'.

Please post your best excuse(s). This is very valuable info to pass on.

#10. I'm going to pick you some wild flowers. I'll be back in a couple of hours. ( this also works when you return from riding ) :)

I am going to console my friend about his "BURNING" cat!!!???????? :)

what the heck! why cant this burning cat just go away?! :)

#9 It is much better than getting into porn! :D

#8 Isn't it better that my mistress is blue...instead of blonde? :D

#7 There are only two things that make me happy as a man...making love to you and riding. By riding it makes me 50% less a pervert :)

"Dear wouldn't you rather have me out of the house and getting some execise or sitting on the couch all day drinking beer and watching football." Then thow in, "Hey! I could call the guys and they could come over and watch the game with me." Then add, "Honey do we have chips, beer, and those lil bbq chicken wing thingies. Could you run to the store" And to finish it off, "Honey, would you help me move all the chairs around in the living room so they face the TV for the guys."

After that she'll help you load your bike. :)

EGO no man has ever said that and lived to tell the story.

Ya, thats true, but do you realize the Hero worship / He Da Man / forever written in the halls of stardom.

THAT GUY would be a cult hero :D

Dirt Bikers from all over the world would come to place old bottles of Blendzall, BellRay, old Air filters at his grave site.

It would be a Mecca for new riders to come a pay tribute.

It would be the Grace Land of our Generation

The Mount Rushmore

The Ifle Tower

The Cherrios Museum

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I mm gonna do it :D

I want the fame I want the

Nah I wann keep me Cahona's intact :)

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Honey, I just doubled my insurance liked you asked. I'm going riding now. Maybe you'll get lucky. :)

OK dear, just put the policy on the counter before you go. :D

How about?....Im going riding, I'll be back when im done.

"Well, since your mom is coming over I thought it would nice to give you guys the house to yourselves!!!"

5.Honey, if I dont go riding, something is gonna snap, and it might be me.

4. Its toms birthday

3. Its scotts birthday

2. Its Kents birthday

1. Its my birthday

How bout just get a divorce then you ain't got to worry bout it,

I have a sticker on the front of my bike that is also included in my signature at the bottom!!

I can't say this phrase enuf, "I got a bike for my wife and it was a good trade!!"

Although I will say that I envy some of you that have great wives that support your riding and help you work on your bike. I lmao when I think of my ex helping me with my bike, was hard enuf to get to go riding, and if I was still married I guarantee that I wouldn't have my 01 426. :) Frank

Hey dear, here is $300 for you to go shopping and buy yourself something special, then tonight you can wear it when we go to dinner and a movie. See you later, love you sweetie, bye.

Bflee wrote: Hey dear, here is $300 for you to go shopping and buy yourself something special, then tonight you can wear it when we go to dinner and a movie. See you later, love you sweetie, bye.

Yznvegas: Can I be your girlfriend if it doesn't work out with your wife??? :):D

Just kidding, and yes everybody, I'm secure in my manhood, that's why I could make a statement like that. :D


Ever Been to Prison (Bit*ch)

Just kidding Im secure to

Excuses! I don't need no stinking excuses!


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It sounds like some guys are big talkers on the Internet with their wives at work or at home. My wife doesn't "let" me go riding either and I don't have to ask her, but that doesn't mean that I walk up to her and say "B!tch, I am out of here. I am riding and don't even call my cell phone. I be back when I get back."

I have many friends that are big talkers when they are around the guys, but when they get home it is another story.

I have to second the one about the mistress being blue and not being blonde. I have used that one before.

My wife will actually tell me sometimes to go riding on the weekends because I will get in her way. What a woman.

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I dont lie...but im not mean about it...My day usually requires intervals of intense thought (except for thumpertalk breaks :) ) and I also work as guitarist 2 nights a week. My wife has a very nice life and doesnt have to work. She has the house cleaned for her and we eat out usually twice a week. When I decide to go riding...I RIDE!!!

"I'm going riding, picking up a friend 'Topaz' from the Gold Cup Men's Club on the way, she's a big fan of the sport...if that's a problem we can pack some bags and I'll call your mom and tell her to come get you...and try not to gain another 10 lbs while I'm gone porky, see you in the morning."

Two or three of these responses and you won't need excuses anymore. :)

I go riding when I want and my wife has nothing to say about it,

That is of course when she gives me permission :)

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