fork oil?


Thats great, right now if Yamah backs up on the fork for free, remind them of the 24 mill suit there paying. :)

Who knows maybe those forks willbe attached to a new 450 :D

Thos of you quoting $60 for the cartridge holder haven't looked at Scott's Performance. They have the same thing for about $35. I have one...

Steve T

Next time it will be easier. I remember when I first re-built my engine, I was on here asking all kinds of lame questions for days. The first time I did it, it took me about 3 days. The third time I did it, I think it took me about 3 hours. So the experience is worth the effort.

Also, I have a seal driver. Get one if you can afford it...


It sounds like your work has paid off.

And you just may have saved your own life as well.

Good job!



Please keep us posted on your final results of this SNAFU. I am quite interested if Yamaha covers it, and am real curious what the problem was to begin w/. Did your Yamaha Dealer tell you EXACTLY what happened?

If your fork leg could have fallen apart while riding AND you were HURT (or even killed), the settlement by Yamaha could have been astronomical.

They should give you 2003 forks and ALL the tools necessary to rebuild them from top to bottom! :)

I just got hosed!!!

Yamaha said that I am not a certafied tech and I should not have taken the forks apart myself, I might have done it wrong. As well if I would have taken the bike in for maintenance when the manual called for it that someone might have found the problem earlier, if there is indeed a problem.

Get that, If there is a problem. A damn yamaha shop said that they thought it wasn't assemblem correctly at the factory! But since I was a bad consumer working on the bike myself when not certified, and I didn't pay a yamaha shop to wash my bike, change my spark plug, clean my air filter and all that other crap they call for every ride it's my fault. Who the hell can afford to take their bike in every ride or every month for that matter. I not Bill Gates!

Don't get me wrong I still love my yzf, and I think yamaha makes one hell of a good bike. The best bikes if you ask me, but damn they really F#@*ed me over on this deal. :)

If someone out there knows what the moral of this story is supposed to be please let me know. I would love to make some enlightening discovery about this whole thing. Right now I'm just mad that I have to shell out the dough to pay for yamaha's incomplete setup. Mabey I should just ride the thing intell the forks break on me and I crash. I could use a $24 Million dollar contrabution from yamaha's "WE DUN MESSED UP!" fund. I know, I know. Not funny, I'm just really pissed right now. I have a wife and two kids to support and all I want is what I paid for, a completely assemblem bike.

Yamaha- Fix my forks that you didn't put together correctly, I'm not asking for a new 450. I don't want anything for free, just do right by me!

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When you say "Yamaha" do you mean the dealer, or Yamaha of North America?


I mean yamaha North America, HQ in california. They told me it wasn't their responsability! :)


Your issue is too complicated for both a Yamaha dealer that doesn't know how to help you, or doesn't want to.

It's also too complicated for a customer service rep from YofNA as well.

In these sorts of cases, you need to reach someone that has the knowledge and power to resolve your issue.

These people exist, but getting to them is the tricky part. It can also take some time and energy.

This has to be weighed against whatever the cost is to you on fixing the fork.

Let me know if you want to press on or just let it ride.


I would like to hold yamaha accountable for their mess. I have thought about contacting the better buisness beauro, but I'm not sure if they are the right people to help me. Did you have someone else in mind DaveJ


This is about negotiation skills involving Yamaha.

The BBB won't do you much good.

If you don't know how to work your way through a corporation, you may want to find someone who can. There are people (companies) that do this for free.

I can help, but I'll be out of the country for a week or so. PM your number if you want to chat in detail.


I have a last resort option for you. Many news stations have a consumer help bureau, and if you e-mail them with your story they might take on Yamaha on your behalf. It would be a long shot but run it by them all it takes is a five minute e-mail. It will hinge on you being able to get the dealer or a certified tech to "go on record" stating that it was put together incorrectly from the factory. As far as routine maintenance keep all your reciepts for oil, plugs, filters etc. this gives you leverage when taking on the corporate giants. It is unreasonable to expect dirt bike owners to have bikes serviced at the dealer every time, they know it but run interference by giving you some BS explanation about how you didnt go thru them, certified tech blah,blah,blah. When possible buy oem parts. I took on Chevy and saved $1,000 in repair costs after warrenty had expired. Be tenatious, dont give up! Unfortunately many times you have to be a sonofabitch in this world to get what you deserve. Imagine $1,000 just for making a few phone calls totaling about 2 hours of my time, that money can now be spent on many goodies for my bike. Keep a file for your bike, put in all reciepts, keep a record of maintenance performed and the date, and when you talk to mr. doubletalk at Yamaha of North America get his name and put it in your phone or "correspondance" log. It seems like a lot of work but it is just organization.

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