Dr. D Hot Start lever help

I just put on the lever and noticed it lays right against the engine.....is the cable going to melt? The L shaped bend also swivels even after it is tightened down on the carb...is this normal? I probable could swivel the cable up over the top of the engine but this puts more of a bend in the cable........ most the pictures I see show the cable going straight in front of the engine.....this is not possible on mine....it worked fine on a test run down the road but I havent been riding yet .

thanks in advance for any info / advice.........JT

PS. Trout Fishing at Eagle lake (N. CA) is great right now....3-4 pounders on worms at 25 ft deep.


The swiveling on the L bend is normal. I tucked my cable up under the tank. Not even close to the engine and there is no binding in the cable.

Just go to Dubach's site and e-mail him the question. I had a question once and they got back to me on the same day.

I tucked my cable up under my tank too. My cable hasn't melted yet. The pictures you see are of a 250f that has a shorter engine.

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